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hi there

I'm Kelli. Founder of Craft Social. I have been a crafter all my life. Being creative gives me joy. I love playing with new crafts, learning new skills, and making huge messes. 

I live in the north suburbs of Minneapolis with my husband, two daughters and fluffy cocker spaniel. When I'm not getting crafty (which is not very often) I enjoy cooking, camping, and plotting new adventures with my best friend. 

Craft Social is a product of one of those plotting sessions. We had been invited to and participated in several painting nights hosted at local restaurants and soon realized we couldn't possibly hang one more of our "original art pieces" in our homes. It was starting to get out of control. (Sidenote: when I typed restaurants a sentence ago, I spelled it CORRECTLY...on the first try! This doesn't happen folks. )

Kelli Headshot.jpg

Anyhow, we wished there was a company that was offering other types of craft workshops and classes. Then we thought why not us? So we started plotting and planning. We came up with the name Craft Social and the dream was born. Then life. We got busy with kids, work, schedules. Every once in a while we would find a crafty project we enjoyed doing and say "ya know, this would be a good one for Craft Social." And so it went for the next few years. 

Then God got real busy in my life. In a few months time I went from working a normal 9-4 job in finance to a stay-at-home mom, helping with my husbands fast growing company, and expecting our second child (7 years after our first - oh boy.)  All great things. Life was changing dramatically. In between the busyness of navigating our new world, I found more and more time for getting crafty. It was like therapy. Every time I was feeling overwhelmed, crafting would calm my mind and feel almost meditative. 


The Craft Social lighting bolt hit when I was picking my daughter up from a craft themed birthday party. The kids had make an adorable string art sign. I sat there waiting for the party to end and it struck me. This. This right here was what I wanted to be doing. Watching those young little minds at work, the joy it brought them, (ok, that might have been the cake,) and seeing how proud they were to show their projects off helped me to realize we need more of this in our world, for EVERYONE. 

So, here we are. My dream for Craft Social is to connect people, to invite creativity into their lives, and to give them time to play. 

From the most sincerest place in my heart, welcome. Let's get creative together! 



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