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host an event

how it works:

You provide the space and friends, we'll provide the supplies, tools and step-by-step instruction.

1. choose a project from our workshop + classes list

2. find a date on our calendar - remember, it takes the stars and moon lining up to get everyones schedule to work. Pick a date that works for you and go with it. 

3.  contact us to secure your date and start planning your awesome crafty adventure

We'll work with you to fine tune the time, number of participants, and space needed. We create a ticket to your event and send you an email chock full of details. Private group event ticket links are only given to our host. We don't need to spread your address all over the place! You share the ticket link with friends as you see fit. 

Oh, and one more thing, hosts receive 1/2 price tickets! 


Q: Do you require a minimum of participants?

A: No. Sometimes one or two friends is just right.

Q: Do you have a participant cap?

S: Heck no! We love big groups. If you have the space, we've got the, well, everything else. 

Q: What if NOBODY can make it and none of the tickets are purchased?

A: Ok, it happens. Bummer. But not the end of the world. We'll still come craft with you, or if you prefer, we'll work on rescheduling your event. 

Q: What if a guest can't make it or simply doesn't show up? Will they get a refund?

A:'s the thing, our workshops take a great deal of pre-planning, supplies need ordering, and we have instructors to pay. When guests cancel at the last moment, we lose money. As a small business we are unable to absorb these costs. For more details, check out our policies page.

Q: What if I need to cancel my event but friends have already purchased tickets? 

A: We can work with you to reschedule or you may have a friend that would still like to host, and we change location. If guests who have purchased tickets can no longer make the rescheduled date, we will offer them a refund. 

Q: Will I have enough space?

A: Yep, probably. Most crafts require no more space than needed to eat a meal. We have extra tables we can provide if needed. A garage space is usually a great place to craft, weather permitting of course. 

Have a question we didn't answer? Contact us!

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