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Current Mood: Over It | TN Process Video

When I first saw the new May digital stamp releases in Kellie Stamps shop I knew exactly which stamp I wanted to use and which photo I wanted to document. Our poor Frankie girl is the epitome of CURRENT MOOD: OVER IT! She was way over due for a grooming and her mopey attitude was becoming too much to take.

Thankfully she was headed to the groomer right after this photo was taken. She's been bathed, clipped and cut and is oh so much happier.

Before I started working on this spread I made a few edits to my photo. I thought I might like to use more of the grass at the bottom of the photo to create a full length image and would possibly have to do some cloning. I also wanted to remove her leash from the photo.

I used an app for these simple edits and I use the app ALL THE TIME. It's called TouchRetouch by ADVA Soft. It's super simple to use and has come in handy.

Once the edits were done I brought the image into Photoshop. Again, I thought I would extend the bottom portion of the image and crop out the top part showing my house. Once I started cropping and enlarged the photo I loved how Frankie filled the page, so I decided to go that route instead. I left just enough room at the bottom for the digital stamp. When you purchase the digital stamp set you get both black and white so I didn't have to make any other edits to the Current Mood stamp.

I also used the Dog Mum digital stamp set from Kellie Stamps to create the #dogmama stamp. I placed the stamp over a label in Photoshop. I created the "current mood" tag by duplicating the stamp and rotating it onto a 3x4 card. Then I trimmed to create the tag. I love the repeating element.

For the yellow background paper I used a digital paper created by Dearly Dee. She created a beautiful anniversary kit for her Patrons to celebrate our first year together over on her Patreon page. You should probably check out her page. She's always spoiling us with bonus videos, loads of inspiration and incredible freebies.

Finally, I printed a few pieces from various digital kits from AC Digitals and Citrus Twist Kits to give myself embellishments to work with.

Want to see how this layout came together? Check it out here:

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo - Kelli

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