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December Daily 2018 | Catch Up Plan

Hey friend! I don't know about you, but when I have a project I'm trying to complete, I'm more likely to succeed if I have a plan. Here's my plan to get my 2018 December Daily album wrapped up.

1.Organize my stash - I went through everything I had and did an "inventory" of sorts. It was helpful and SUPER motivating to see all my stuff. I found containers and sorted everything so it will be easy to put out onto my desk when it's time to work.

Get photos in the book - This worked really well for my Project Life catch up plan. I put all the remaining photos into the album and worked out the placement. Now I won't have to take that extra step when I find time to work on this project.

Work in bite sizes if needed - I would love to find time to power through and get this project done, and hey, maybe that will happen. But more likely I'll have to take tiny bites out of it here and there...and that's OK. I will look at each "day" as an individual project and allow myself to feel accomplishment when just one more spread gets done.

NO NEW PRODUCT - I'm not allowing myself to get any new product or even add the few new things I recently picked up into my existing Dec Daily stash. It'll have to wait for the 2019 album. This is sure to motivate me! I'm super excited to dig into new products and digitals.

Accountability - I probably wouldn't be as fired up to finish this project if I hadn't heard about the #donebydecember movement going on (started by some of the ladies over on the Ali Edwards design team). The other source of my accountability? YOU! I'm planning to document my little catch up journey through this blog, my Instagram feed and YouTube channel. I won't have any content to share if I don't get to it!

Here's an updated peek at where I'm at and where I share more of my thought process on getting caught up and ready for my 2019 album:

Take care!

xoxo - Kelli

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