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Project Prep | Stamps

It's fall. So much to do. Pumpkin patches, apple orchards, all the Halloween fun. Raking up leaves, jumping in the leaves, then raking the leaves again. And of course drinking all the hot drinks. So. Much. To. Do. Then there's scrapbooking all the fall things.

I've gathered all my supplies for documenting all the fall things we do in October and November. I was immediately overwhelmed by the massive pile of stamp sets I had grabbed. I needed a way to have all those adorable stamps but without having to have all the sets on my desk. I created a temporary stamp folder to store all the fall themed stamps I want to use in my project.

I thought this might be a technique worth sharing. About half way through the process I decided to turn on my camera and film the outcome. Then a lightbulb went off. Why not write up a tutorial to help my crafty friends. In fact, I believe this will be the start of a mini series all about prepping for projects.

You can download a step by step PDF below and check out the step by step tutorial here:

Project Prep - Stamps
Download PDF • 6.82MB

I hope this helps you next time you prep a project.

Take care!

xoxo - Kelli

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