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The 100 Day Project | No. 31 & Process Video

Last year I saw a few people participate in The 100 Day Project and I thought it was fun to follow along. I didn't know much about the project at all.

This year when I started seeing people post they were participating again I got curious. After a bit of digging*, I decided to join in on the fun. I took a few days to think about what I wanted to do and then inspiration struck as I was participating in a live stream with some crafty pals. Memorydex cards!

Before that moment I had made exactly ZERO memorydex cards. I'd seen plenty and always thought they looked fun to make. Boy was I right! They are a total blast to make!

Today I'm sharing No. 31 along with a process video.

Take a look:

Thanks for watching & take care!

xoxo - Kelli

*learn more too: The 100 Day Project

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